About EAC

EAC Partners is a client focused corporate advisory firm. Our purpose is to maximise shareholder value through an independent and tailored approach to every one of our clients.


EAC Partners is built on the bedrock of being truly independent, allowing us to act with our clients interest at our core at all times. Our success is dependent upon long-term relationships with our clients, which can only be maintained if our client’s success is our sole focus. We excel in providing a custom approach to each engagement, ensuring that we add value to our clients. Our extensive transaction experience underpins the service that we provide. 

We provide strategic advice in mergers, acquisitions and divestments and equity and debt fund raising, across multiple sectors. We focus on developing an intimate understanding of our clients business, strategy and objectives ensuring that we can provide a truly tailored service that is focused on their success.

We also provide corporate infrastructure finance services to domestic and global firms who hold infrastructure assets. Our services include strategic advice in relation to project and structured finance, regulated assets and asset rating.


EAC Partners is the Australian representative for the Mergers Alliance partnership (www.mergers-alliance.com). Mergers Alliance is a partnership of leading corporate finance specialists that have, in the last ten years, completed over 600 transactions with a combined value of US31.3 billion in 30 countries worldwide.